Tutoring Family

Find the perfect plan for you so you can get the grades you deserve.

We believe in  making tutoring accessible to as many learners as possible. We have the perfect payment plan for you that will suit your needs.

Finding the right plan for you.

One of our important missions is making our clients feel respected and valued. We aim to do this by providing various payment and package structures to suit your needs.

Tutoring Family

individual sessions


Per hour


1 hour 30 minutes


two hours



Most preferred starting package

5 hourly lessons


10 hourly lessons


15 hourly lessons

Connect with an X Tutor

In-person sessions can only occur if tutor is situated within 15km radius of learner.

Welcome to the family

Did someone ask for more package options?

Sometimes hourly sessions just are not enough. For that, we do have  1 hour 30-minute packages and 2-hour packages and more. 

Check out our rate card for more details.

A single package can be spread across several weeks and even months

For example, Thabo selected a 5 package plan for Physical Science which he wants to spread across the entire month.

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Number of hours dedicated to our clients.

Client Retension rate
1 %

We aim to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

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