The Hidden Value in Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is often seen as less valuable – it is assumed that the lack of face-to-face interaction disadvantages the learner significantly. This is often reinforced by the fact that tutoring agencies offer reduced prices for online tutoring packages. 

Here are 3 gems that we believe make online tutoring as valuable (if not more valuable) than face-to-face tutoring:

1. Access to infinite human resources.

Online tutoring allows you to access any tutor across the country and even across the world. Unless you are based in an area that allows you to access the exact tutor that meets you and your child’s needs, online tutoring allows you to access the perfect tutor! This benefit allows you to find a tutor that meets your child’s learning needs while fitting into their schedule and inevitably your schedule.

2.Reduced risk due to reduced physical contact.

The reduced physical contact will reduce most of the risks that come with physical contact. Today, the biggest risk associated with physical contact is COVID-19 and considering that most tutors use public transport to reach your location, having an online session could potentially reduce the risk of all parties being exposed to the virus as well as other potential threats that exist when going outside of your home.

3. Increased benefit to the learner.

Due to the improvement in technology, most online meeting platforms (like Zoom, Teams and Bramble which is a platform that caters specifically to online tutoring) can record the session therefore allowing the learner to access the information passed during the session at a later stage. 

Furthermore, the slight inconvenience that comes with getting ready, travelling and the possibility of arriving to a lesson late due to travel-related issues (like traffic or the unreliability of public transport), online tutoring eliminates all those inconveniences therefore ensuring that the session happens on time and within the agreed upon time frame translating to greater benefit for the learner. 

Physically moving from one location to another can be quite draining therefore having online lessons could result in the parties who travel having more energy to do the task at hand.

4. Comfortable learning/tutoring environment for the learner/tutor.

Online tutoring usually takes place in an environment that is the most comfortable for the learner and tutor. This can make a big impact on the performance of both the learner and the tutor as they will both be in an environment that they are familiar with therefore increasing the productivity of the sessions.

5. Preparing the learner for the future of work and education.

Since the pandemic began, there has been drastic changes in the worlds of work and education. There has been a shift from a physical world to a more digital world which has required everyone to become more tech savvy. The only disadvantage to this is how the reduced physical contact could impact our ability to form fruitful connections with each other without the regular form of contact that we are used to. 

We now have a daunting task of ensuring that we remain connected as humans even though the bulk of our human interaction has decreased significantly. 

Online tutoring therefore prepares the younger generation for a more digital world where they would require to be online but still be able to be productive and form fruitful interactions without the physical contact that they have grown accustomed to. 

The ability to have a fruitful tutor-learner interaction through online platforms could have heaps of benefits for them as they develop into more functional human beings in our communities and society at large. 

X Tutoring is one of very few tutoring agencies that charge the same amount for online and in-person tutoring because we believe that the value of both is the same. The team is committed to providing services that will translate to educational success as well as personal development and growth all at an affordable rate. Email today to get a quote!

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