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Where we your needs are respected and valued.

Are you frustrated with the lack of academic support your child is getting?

 We have realized that there is a lack of support not only for the learners but for the parents as well. 

We are here to be that support. Ensuring that every learner  so that you, the parent can rest well knowing your child is achieving unimaginable greatness!

What do we do: The mission

We discovered that the one size fits all approach of education may suit the masses yet neglects your individual needs.

At TutorX we aim to tailor our service to your specific needs, ensuring that your potential is nurtured for success!

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it takes a village to raise a child

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In-person sessions can only occur if tutor is situated within 15km radius of learner.


Matriculated with 4 distinctions and is a 3rd year Electrical & Computer Engineering student (UCT) and holds an N5 in Electrical Engineering. He has 3 years private tutoring experience.

Very goal oriented when it comes to seeing improvements in his students results . Tutoring style encourages intuitive understanding of the principles being taught.
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